North American Environmental Markets

Advisory and Transactional Services for GHG Emission Offset and Emission Performance Credits

North American Environmental Markets Inc. (NAEM) is an independent Calgary-based GHG emission offsets advisory and transactional services firm that assists Project Developers of renewable energy and cleantech projects with monetizing the value of future the emission offset credits (Offsets) and emission performance credits (EPCs) generated from their projects.

NAEM has been focused primarily on helping Project Developers to commoditize and realize the value of the future Offsets and EPCs that will be generated from their renewable energy and cleantech projects by securing off-take agreements to support their project financing requirements. 

NAEM does not own or take ownership of Offsets or EPCs and is therefore able to provide transparent and unbiased advise to maximize the value of a Project Developer's Offsets and EPCs.

NAEM's collaborative approach and extensive commodity trading and contracting experience has led to successfully negotiating and contracting multi-year emission offset sale agreements for Project Developers in excess of $900 million.

NAEM's goal is to help Project Developers:

  • Understand Alberta's complex emission offsets compliance market
  • Maximize the value of their Offsets and EPCs
  • Minimize transaction risk
  • Save time and money