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Renewable Energy and Cleantech Project Developer

Offset Management Program

NAEM offers the following suite of integrated advisory and transaction services for Project Developers with technologies and programs that can create GHG emission offsets:

  • Initial Project Assessment:
    • Detailed review of project’s technology and technical information to determine emission offsets eligibility under approved Offset Protocols and/or determine potential for creation of a new Offset Protocol  
    • Review of all legal and commercial agreements and financial , technical, environmental, and managerial factors impacting project eligibility and economics to confirm the initial projections prior to project launch.
  • Managing Offset Quantification and Verification Process:
    • Manage the selection and contracting of third-party quantification and verification consultants and the interface with Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) and the Alberta Carbon Registries
    • Assist with setting up of data collection platform, quality control and system monitoring procedural checklist for project operators required for the emission offset quantification
    • Review of compiled data and prepared data quantification package for the verifier, as well as the Offset Project documents to be submitted to the Alberta Carbon Registries
  • Transaction Services
    • Execution of competitive bid process for the sale of the emission offsets
    • Negotiation and drafting of the emission offset purchase and sale agreement
    • Manage the submission of Offset Project documents and transfer of the emission offset with the Alberta Carbon Registries
    • Closing of the transaction and the distribution of funds  
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