Carlo Plava – President

Carlo is an entrepreneur and seasoned energy industry professional with over 33 years of diverse experience focused primarily on Alberta’s emerging (GHG) emission offsets credit market and de-regulated power and natural gas energy markets. Carlo has extensive expertise in the marketing and sale of GHG emission offset credits, power and natural gas, as well as renewable energy project development and the AESO and AUC interconnection and regulatory permitting processes

  • Strong collaborative and interpersonal skills with broad experience providing advisory services, industry intelligence, and strategic planning on commercial, contractual, technical, and regulatory issues related to emission credits and energy marketing, project and business development, and the AESO interconnection and AUC permitting processes for wind, thermal, and large industrial power generation projects
  • Extensive business development and energy marketing experience with a focus on commercial, contractual, technical, and regulatory matters related to emission offsets, project management/development of power generation projects and power/natural gas transmission facilities
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John C. Goetz – Director 

  • John is a co-founder and partner of EnerNext, a boutique legal and advisory platform focused on energy, cleantech and environment, governance, and social (ESG).
  • John has extensive experience advising clients with cleantech, renewable and alternative energy development projects, acquisitions and divestitures, as well as large energy construction and infrastructure projects.  He was also the author of one of the first GHG emission offsets credit transaction agreement in 2008 that became the industry standard for Alberta’s GHG emission offsets market.  
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